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Mine blocks

Mine blocks

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How to play

Mine blocks Controls Use mouse to play this game

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When you get to create your own world, begin to study it. You can catch a sheep and sit on top of it. So you will get a pet and excellent transport. At the pond you can begin to fish, everything you catch all will be in your inventory. Due to some great fishing, you can jump on a boat and go on a journey on the pond. The best part about this game is that you can create different tools virtually out of nothing. But to do so you will need to learn basics like how to create an axe or a shovel. Also tools can be created from different materials like wood, stone, steel, gold etc. More rare and precious materials last longer as tools. Also you will find a huge number of characters and animals, all over your habitat. Most of them can be used as food of sources of materials, this is the main beauty of mine blocks.

Minecraft mini games are absolutely unique

Minecraft mini games will appeal to all fans of the original version of the game. The basic principles remain the same. You find yourself in an unfamiliar world without any means of subsistence. After some time the hero will want to drink and eat. Start researching the world around you. Look for different kind of resources like wood, stone gold.

Mine blocksMine blocks MinecraftMine blocks play online

Animals can be used as food and as materials as well, you will need to learn how to create workbench by placing four woodblocks side by side. Once you have workbench now you are able to create different tools in Mine blocks. Tools are used to get better resources and to build world around you. Remember that after some time you might get hungry, so you will need to look for food. And at night it is not safe to stay outside, so you will need to create shelter. Within time you will need to learn how to create weapon. So Mine Blocks game takes a lot of practice and learning but it is well worth it.

Minecraft mini - fun that never ends

Gather a variety of tools and instruments, basically as many as you can, as each object has its own purpose. This also applies to weapons. Swords, bows, shields, clothing any of this items made out of stronger material creates a stronger item in Minecraft Mini. Stack on variety of natural resources. Wood, stone, iron - are the basics for your safety and comfort. With these materials, you can build yourself a real home, its functionality and appearance depends only on you.

In minecraft minigames you can let your creativity loose as you can do pretty much whatever you want as long as you have enough materials and as long as you know how to craft. As in any game in Mine Blocks you will start from something small and primitive like a cave for the night and primitive wooden shovel, but then eventually you will have a workbench and enough iron to make better tools. Once you have furnace (made out of 8 stone blocks), you can create glass out of sand and melt gold and iron. So don’t hesitate and start discovering this new, magic minecraft mini world.

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