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Mad Burger 3

Mad Burger 3

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How to play

Mad Burger 3 game controls Use mouse to play this game

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This is a great game where you not only cook burgers but also throw them on long distance and set up records. Pure fun is guaranteed.

Mad Burger 3 wild west is harder than it might seem

You are chef in a saloon in the wild west and you have to deliver food to sheriff of the town, who lives very far from the saloon. But you will not have to deliver it the usual way using a horse and cart. You will be quite extraordinary, namely you will throw a patty from the saloon towards the sheriff’s office. And the further you throw it, the higher will be your profit. Instead of money you will be collecting pieces of lime, stars, gold bars and bags of currency. So as you can see Mad Burger 3 wild west is rather straight forward game.

Play Mad Burger 3 and have fun

At the beginning of the game you are in the saloon and you have a lot of different improvements. You can improve a lot of skills: increase the force of throwing, expand the assortment of sauces, increase the attraction of objects and increase your chances of success and growth of money. You can also make some other improvements like making patty invisible or forcing birds to carry it for you. So there are some elements of strategy involved in this game. And basically any kind of expansion of functionality in the game only makes it more interesting and entertaining. You can buy products for your kitchen like: vegetables, cheese, sauces. They increase to acceleration and speed of the flight. During the flight, you can catch the bandits and receive good cash reward for them, they are marked on the map. So keep an eye on those convicts as they deserve justice and you deserve you prize. To fly in Mad Burger wild west you have a certain amount of sauce, it is used as fuel in the game. You will come across a bottle with extra sauce on your way. But don’t spend your sauce all at once, try to make it last. Remember that the Cowboys will try to grab the sandwiches, the Indians on the contrary will try to help.

Firstly, all the components of the meal should be put as close as possible to one another in the middle. Your accuracy depends on the quality of your throw. Secondly, during the flights you will be collecting recipes to help you learn in what order the ingredients are put on the hamburger to achieve the best results during the flight. Do not upset the Sheriff and deliver him the order. Play Mad Burger 3 and have loads of fun.

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