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Kung fu Panda Wu Sisters

Kung fu Panda Wu Sisters

: 2509

How to play

Wu Sisters game controls Use mouse and arrow keys to play this game

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Wu sisters

Let’s take a closer look at the legend of the wu. The foreword says that there were 3 sisters, who never separated. But one day disaster struck. One of the siblings was kidnapped and locked in a tower of the castle. The other two without hesitations, immediately went to rescue.

Wu Sisters is an unusual game

Let's start with gameplay features. The sisters are easy to control. All controls are carried out using the mouse. Move mouse left and right to move characters around the level. The task is complicated because have to simultaneously control two characters. Their movements are completely synchronized. Since everything happens inside the high castle you will constantly need to move around the floors up. And each floor will have a lot of bonus scrolls that give you extra points. To collect them you need both character on different levels. So one tiger drops the scrolls down where the other one catches them. But something will always get in the way to do it all. On the way there will be a lot of stones that roll right on you as well as evil bats. And at the final level there will be fireballs falling from above. In legend of the wu you have to be quick and resolute. The scale of health is in the upper right corner. If you are unable to complete a level the first time, do not worry. Just start over again. At the end of location there will be a key that gives you access to the next level. Kung Fu Panda Wu sisters is on the top floor.

Your adventure will consist of 4 levels. The first one is relatively easy, but then it will become more difficult and hard. Keep in mind, the faster you finish a level, the more points you get. The game will help you to distract a little t from the work and have some rest. Or if you just do not know what to do, these exciting adventures will help you spend some time. Good luck playing Kung Fu Panda: Legend of the Wu Sisters.

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