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Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes

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How to play

Clicker Heroes game controls Use mouse

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Clicker Heroes - is an amazing game that allows to kill thousands of enemies by simply clicking a lot. You will have your fighters and you will be able to improve them a lot. All you need to do is to be very fast. So let's get to business and start the fight.

Become a real Clicker Hero

You start the game in a forest location, here you will fight with weaker enemies of the first level. Your hero will be fighting on his own, but if you help him, you will quickly earn coins to improve your hero or purchase new characters. So here comes the strategic part of the game, besides crazy clicking you might take occasional breaks to make your team better.

clicker heroesclicker heroes gameplay clicker heroes

Quickly defeat the enemies to get more coins, so that you can buy more improvements. Click on the creepy monsters as fast as possible, and you will see the indicator of your help. Go through the levels one by one. Starting from the fifth level location changes to arid areas. First boss awaits you on the tenth level, you will have thirty seconds to destroy him. If your hero can not cope with the boss you will need to help him like a real Clicker Hero. For killing the boss you will get good money. Move the cursor of the coins to pick them up. When you earn enough coins, you can buy a new hero. Speed equals great efficiency. The faster you are at clicking the more money you will receive in shorter period of time. And as a result more heroes and improvements you will be able to purchase this is the main idea of Clicker Heroes game. So while playing you should take into consideration couple of facts, but it only makes this game more fun to play. This brings us to a simple conclusion that speed is your best friend in this kind of competition and time is sort of your enemy. Now your task is to make your friend work into your benefit as well as not to let your enemy hurt you. Straight to the victory.

Click Heroes are unstoppable

Never slow down is the motto of Click Heroes. On the left of the screen you have three windows. The first window is store, in which you can buy new characters, and improve already existing. The second window is Hall of achievements, there is a lot of interesting information there. Get rewards for earned coins, for discovered locations, for clicks and for destroyed bosses. The third window is statistics, it shows the information about your game as a whole. You can track your results. Find out the number of coins earned, killed monsters, defeated bosses and the number of clicks per second. Try to get as far as possible and in case of necessity always help your characters. It is now your time to show your crazy side and show what kind of godspeed you do in order to win.

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