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Ben 10 new mission ControlsUse space to attack and arrow keys to move around

Ben 10 new mission

Ben 10 new mission

The main character is a character from the cartoon, who fights the evil monsters. Each level is full of dangers. The action will take place on both ground and in the air. To inflict damage on your enemies you will be armed with a gun. Appreciate an endless supply of ammunition.

What Ben 10 New mission is about

Your character has the ability to double jump. This ability will allow you to jump over monsters, obstacles and even the abysses. There are health indicators to track success of the fight. If your character ran out of health or accidentally fell into the abyss, the level will start from the beginning. Even if you died, the damage inflicted upon the enemy, will remain the same. If you killed the enemy at this level once, then when you start over, you don’t have to kill him again. But do not waste precious lives. After all, there is a limit. After several failures the game will have to start from the beginning. In Ben 10 mission you do not need to earn points, the game is not on time, so you can simply enjoy the process. Think then act and be cautious. Try to think a few steps ahead. This will give you a chance to prevent the death of the hero.

You will face a lot of obstacles on each level. For example, the automatic guns. And they will be installed in places where they are difficult to destroy. But one clear shot will destroy it. You will find electrical bombs. They will gradually reduce the level of health. Unfortunately, they can not be destroyed. So jump over them.

Boys will love adventures with Ben

This game is perfect for boys who love exciting plot. This game will give only positive emotions, and sometimes will make you think of further action. Everyone can enjoy playing it.

Control Ben 10 using arrow keys, press spacebar to fire. You can also keep a continuous fire by holding space bar. No one can refuse this kind of adventure. Even after going through all the levels, you'll certainly want to play this game again.