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Kitty Kingdom 2

Kitty Kingdom 2

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How to play

Kitty Kingdom 2 Game Controls Use arrow keys to move around. Press S - to throw kitten.

Cat Kingdom game

So poor little kitties are now lost all over the place and only you can help. Now poor dad and mum-cat have to find their children. Please do not hesitate and do everything you can.

Kitty Kingdom game is good for both adults and children

At the beginning Kitty Kingdom game you have a choice of a character: cat Mimmy is the ballerina in the whole country, she has smooth dance moves and also the ability to double-jump, which gives a great advantage in the game or cat Luca is the bravest guardian in Kitty’s place, there is no challenge too tough for him because he has the speed and strong paws. Next you need to choose level and you can start the game.

The controls are very simple, use arrows. Double-clicking on the arrow up activates Double-jump for Mimmy. S key allows you to throw a kitten. Your character will not be able to sit down if he or she has kitten in paws. The more kittens you carry the less you will be able to jump. Beware of spikes, if you jump on them you lose. Turtles and bees are also your enemies. Bees can be disabled by throwing a kitten at them. You can not jump from very high places in order not to die. Fur Queen is ruler of the cat kingdom is very upset by what happened and will make every attempt to assist you.

Cat Kingdom is here

Level 10 of cat kingdom game is rather difficult. Fur Queen will give you a warning note through a mole that the swarm of angry bees is coming. S you need to hurry, you can not leave the kitten in their way, or they will kill them and then the game is over. You will need to quickly get to the button that will lock bees for a while. At the bottom of the level the turtle will wait on you.

In general, this cat game is a really good game. You will love it and do not forget to watch Kitty Kingdom walkthrough!

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