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8 Disc Pool Game CotrolsUse mouse to play this game.

8 Disc Pool

8 Disc Pool

8 Disc Pool is an online game that truly deserves your attention. From the very beginning you get into the pleasant interface of the game menu. The choice you have is not big - to see the rules and play the game. You will face two options: a easy and difficult game mode. Of course it's worth starting with a simpler complexity, a little getting used to the specifics of the game, and then you can and will complicate the task for yourself. Of course, it's very easy to play Billiards Eight for free on our website.

Disc Pool is a great sports game

Disc pool game is a classic American pool, with large pockets and small balls. The goal of the game is to collect the given number of points for the time allotted to you. The number of games is not limited, so if you need, for example, to score 5000 points, then you can do this for at least three games or you can stretch it to five, the main thing is to keep within the timeframes. If you do not succeed within the set time, you start from the very first level. With each new level, the points needed to pass to the next increase. Try to avoid hitting the cue ball (white ball) in the pocket, if you do you will be penalized with points. If the cue ball does fall into the pocket, then you will have to place it on the semicircle marking. It will glow with white light. After that, continue the game as usual.

Pool has never been this fun to play

It is not difficult to play eight ball pool. Physics in this very game like and not as in a real pool and therefore excessive accuracy is not needed. And depending on the level of difficulty you will even be given hints. So at levels with simple difficulty when aiming at a ball, there will be the trajectory of the rebound of the ball. The pockets in the Billiard Eight are large, which makes it easier to hit them. As a rule, around the pocket there is a small area, if your ball will reach it then it will definitely fall into pocket and you will get your points. Try to find the perfect balance of speed and accuracy, since the time in the game is limited.

Online billiards eight is not the closest simulator to billiards, but a very entertaining game that guarantees you a pleasant pastime especially if you are a beginner.