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Robin to the Rescue ControlsUse mouse to play this game.

Robin to the Rescue

Robin to the Rescue

Would you like to become famous and favorite legendary character for a while? Then Robin to the Rescue game is just for you. Everyone knows that this hero helped the poor and struggled with the injustice that was coming from the rich. You will need to save the innocent peasants. All of them are sentenced by evil rulers to death on the gallows. You are the only one who can save them from undeserved death.

Play Robin to the Rescue

You have to go through 20 interesting levels. In each of them it is necessary to save people who were sentenced to death. But how can the be helped? Use your bow to liberate them. The arrow can easily cut the rope and thus free the poor peasants. Every second is as precious as gold. Hanged person gradually loses his or her vitality and if they are not released in time they will die. So try not to waste time, but act as quickly as possible and do not forget about caution. The force of the bow tension, as well as the direction of the arrow is controlled with the mouse. In each level, the stock of arrows will be limited. Try to make each shot as accurate as possible. An incorrectly chosen trajectory and force can cripple or even kill innocent people. Such an outcome is not what you seek for as real Robin Hood does not hurt people. At some levels, there will be situations when two people can be released by one arrow at once. This will give you not only a spare shot, but also will save time to rescue the rest.

Amazing shooting game

With each successive level the task will become more and more complicated. There will be different obstacles preventing a good direct shot. In those cases your acquired skills will mean a lot. There is a countdown of time at each level. It will be the measurement of your walkthrough.

Robin to Rescue will teach you quickly and skillfully handle the bow. After all the main character is the best archer you have ever heard of. So you can once again prove what you can do it. If you want to set a new record, then at any time of the game you can go back and select the level you didn’t do so good at. Bow is not the only weapon. Sometimes you have to interact with a crossbow. This will ease the task, because it is aimed exactly at the rope and will cut it without problems. You just need to hit the icon with an arrow. But there will be levels with several crossbows near the victim. Then you need to see which one of them will be able to cut the rope and you will leave the rest of them untouched at all, as they can kill the victim. Of course, it will also be difficult to not touch them by accident. Robin to the Rescue online will not let you to relax. Each level will require increased concentration. As you progress and gain experience learn the “behavior” of the arrow. When you will start feeling the game you will have no problem hitting the aim. Archery games online are designed to develop your accuracy. Help the underprivileged to escape the sad fate right now. You are a real savior to them and their last chance.