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Raging Steel Game ControlsUse WSAD - to move and mouse to aim and shoot.

Raging Steel

Raging Steel Game

You are a fearless tankman and your main task is to destroy all the enemies that you will encounter on your way. Raging Steel is an online shooter with a simple storyline and gameplay where everything you need to do is to shoot from the tank and dodge bullets from your enemies. The game has good graphics and it is just the right thing for the fans of shooting games.

Raging Steel Tanks - fun for everyone

In fact, this game is not as simple as it seems at first sight. Ahead horde of enemy troops are waiting for a you and they will most definitely shoot at sight and they are pretty good at it. Besides, you need to accurately aim and shoot at them as well. Learn how to quickly change your position, so that you do not get unders enemy’s fire. Of course it will not be easy to do this, because your tank will be under a huge amount of firepower from enemy guns. The struggle is real but you can handle it.

On different levels of the game you will have to face fortified towers, tanks and infantry vehicles that are firing large-caliber ammo and rockets. These missiles inflict huge damage, so you should try to avoid them more than any other bullets. To make it easier to pass the level, try to remember where the enemy's towers are and where the armored vehicles come from and start firing in advance. This will increase your chance of winning. Moving around the location you will encounter explosive orange barrels, you can shoot at them and they will explode at the same time damaging bystanding enemies. But if you accidentally run into one of those barrels then you will explode. If there is a need to stop the game, press the spacebar.

At the end of your mission, you will be shown the damage suffered by the enemy, how many survivors there are and the total score of your shots and hits. Also you will see the total score and the percentage of accuracy of your shooting. Depending on your success, you can get a medal of honor.

Play Raging Steel online

Raging Steel game, will help you train the speed of your reaction. After passing the game, you can well become an ace of military affairs. It might take some time to get used to the specifics of the game and all the little nuances but it is well worth the try. As the time spend on game is not the time spent in vain.