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Micro Tanks Game ControlsUse arrow keys and WSAD keys to move tanks, press Ctrl and Space bar to shoot.

Micro Tanks

Micro Tanks Game

Micro tanks is game for those who loved games on NES

This online game should be well known to those who still remembers the NES consoles, as well as those who love to play in WOT. It will be difficult to find a man who did not like to play Battle city on the old school consoles. At its core Mini tanks online is the same game, only with better graphics. At the moment, games involving tanks are very popular.

You play as a brown tank against the green one and your task is to destroy the enemy before he destroys you. Knowing the simple rule of physics - the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection, it will become much easier to play. The easiest way to destroy your enemy is by avoiding direct contact, and by using walls and obstacles to ricochet your bullets. They bounce off the walls and this can be used both in your favor and as your weak point. In each new level you will be given 100% of life, which is equal to ten hits. You can also release a line of five shots, after which there will be a short recharge, so use shots wisely. With each new level the obstacles will change their shape and location, so the game becomes more diverse.

Great arcade shooter

Play Micro Tanks with your friends. In this case, you have the opportunity to fight together. The tank on the right is green, and the tank on the left is brown, although control on the keyboard is the other way around. The brown tank is controlled by arrow keys and green is controlled by letters respectively. Micro tanks are fun to play, but you need to remember about the ricochet and clashes with the enemy face to face, which can be fatal.