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Home Sheep Home Underground ControlsPick characters with the help of mouse or 1, 2, 3 - buttons. W.A.S.D - move the sheeps.

Home Sheep Home 2 Lost Underground

Home sheep home 2 lost underground is another episode of an exciting story about three friends, the lambs that have to go home. Our guys do not sit still, they are constantly looking for new adventures or fall into various troubles. Help the characters deal with the next difficulties and get out of the underground. While collecting woolen socks, our beloved trio ended up in the underworld. This place is not just located underground, there are interesting mechanisms and other devices to move in such conditions. To successfully use all available devices, you need to demonstrate good logic and prudence. In some cases, the sequence in which you use the heroes from start to finish plays a decisive role. Turn on your brain, then you will definitely be able to deal with all the difficulties.

Sheeps lost in the underground really need your help

You will face the first serious mission at the second level of the game about the sheeps. The elevator will help you get out of the hollow, activate it with the button next to it. The smallest team member must go up first, otherwise he will not be able to quickly release the button and jump into the elevator car, which will already be going up. The third level has prepared yet another logical task. The biggest lamb named Shirley does not afraid of water, but can not swim. Shaun the the sheep can swim across the hedge and use the underwater magnets, they will help to move the iron basin along the water. Load Shirley into this basin and take her to the land.

Home Sheep Home 2 Lost UndergroundHome Sheep Home UndergroundUnderground Sheep

Home sheep home lost underground is an excellent entertainment that will help you to spend time with benefit while having fun. On the fourth level, Shirley will have problems again. This hero can not pass in a narrow space and will not be able to jump over from the beginning of the level to the finish. At this location there is a dynamite and a launching device. Connect these components and place a thick sheep on the explosives. When there will be an explosion Shirley will be thrown up, so that our hero can get to the platform with exit from the location. At the next level, the fat lamb will still be dirty from the soot, and the smallest lamb will be the one in charge. He needs to get to the controls over the magnets. Miner’s trolley is made out of metal, move it with the help of magnets, do everything you did in the level with water.

Features home sheep home underground

At the heart of the game about 3 sheeps there is the ability to control three characters at once. All of them have different characteristics and have different skills. Use each of them for their unique purpose, only in this way you can help. Both the protagonist of the game the little sheep and his faithful friends have not been in such conditions, so without your participation they will not be able to escape the underground to get home. At the last, fifteenth level, the friends will be waiting for the plane. It is necessary to bypass the protection system and board the plane. Flights is basically a piece of cake for our lambs. In the next episode they will face even more insane adventure, but they still will need to get home.