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Home Sheep Home 2 Lost in Space ControlsWASD - to move the sheeps. Mouse or 1,2,3 buttons - choose the character.

Home Sheep Home 2 Lost in Space

Home sheep home 2 lost in space in this game you need to manage three characters at once. Shaun the sheep is the Chief, his friends Shirley and Timmy will make the company to their leader in any situation. This time it all started with innocent amusements in the courtyard of the house. The lambs decided to prevent their neighbor from watching TV. A satellite dish on the roof of the house guaranteed the man a good signal. In the first task at the first level, our heroes broke the position of the plate and accidentally sent the laser beam into the heavens. Their message was followed by a result, a huge flying saucer appeared in the sky. This aircraft began to absorb everything near the house. Thus, our lambs got on board of the ship, that is how they were abducted by aliens. Help the heroes deal with this situation, escape the ship and return home. Turn your brain to full power, demonstrate the full capacity of your logical thinking. This will you help to control all the mechanisms on the spaceship.

You will like the heroes of Home sheep home space game

The aircraft where the events will take place has its own atmosphere. Behind the modern control panel sits a one-eyed alien, all parts are made of metal and glass. The territory is protected by laser installations, which do not cause harm and at the same time do not allow to get into certain places. The protagonist of the game Shaun the sheep and his friends begin the passage of the second level being under glass flasks. It is not difficult to come to conclusion, that it is necessary to move the flask to a place that will allow you to break the bottom of it. Each member of the team has its own merits, it is necessary to use properly the skills of the heroes. Small Timmy can squeeze to the most narrow and impassable places. Shirley is a fat sheep, this character serves as a reliable support for the rest. As a result of the passage, you can drive yourself into a blind corner, the exit from which does not exist. In this case, you will have to start the level again. Avoid these situations and plan your actions a few steps forward.

Home Sheep Home 2 Lost in SpaceSheeps 2 Lost in SpaceShaun the Sheep Space Game

Home sheep home lost space game has prepared for you some excellent tests. Learn how to use the device for teleportation. Such devices always have an input and an output, as a result of teleportation, objects in these teleports will be interchanged. Use the right lamb in the right place, move it where ever you need using the teleport. The green light on the teleporter indicates the readiness of the device to work. When one of the heroes steps into the illuminated zone, the color of the light bulb turns yellow. This means that you need to light a yellow light bulb at the other end of the portal. When the process is over, the light will turn red. In this case, you need to wait a little while for the mechanism to get ready again. You can disable the laser protection with the help of special buttons. You need to put one of the characters on the button, then it will change its color and turn off the laser.

Atmosphere of the 3 sheeps in space game is very impressive

The last two levels of the Shaun the sheep space game will be held in the conditions of outer space. Our heroes will pass all the tests and get out of the ship. Our characters will be forced to wear suits in the final mission and the result of their work will be a flying planet. With the help of this planet our characters Timmy, Shirley and Shaun will be able to fly to Earth. Travel this long journey together, the passage will bring you only positive emotions and unforgettable sensations. Look for woolen socks and solve difficult tasks. Your brain will start working in a productive mode, you'll have to think hard on solving some problems.