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Fluffy's Kitchen Adventure ControlsUse mouse to play this game.

Fluffy's Kitchen Adventure

Fluffy's Kitchen Adventure

Fluffy's Kitchen Adventure is a good game for girls and boys of preschool and school age. It is pretty easy to play it, but at the same it is useful as it mad as a developing game for kids.

Fluffy's Adventure has a lot to offer

Fluffy's Adventure is a simple game but it doesn’t become less interesting from this. It consists of a set of mini games where you need to perform some tasks. Your character is on the floor that looks like checkerboard. Each square is considered as a move. To start the game you have to roll the dice. Fluff will move the number of moves shown on the dice. Some squares are blank, if you step on it you can immediately roll the dice again. But in most cases to go further you have to pass a simple mini game.

Pure fun for little gamers

Such rapid games are very diverse and keep you involved in gaming process all the time. Your tasks can be simple arithmetic puzzles, questions related to basic shapes and color perception, distribution of objects, making words from the suggested letters. You might need to colour the picture exactly as example image. There is a game where you have match cards. Connecting pairs content will be not only interesting, it will help develop associative thinking. Find the differences games are also available for kids. Sometimes you will need to make pieces to recreate a picture shown. Connect the dots game, is useful, it helps to remember the correct sequence of numbers from 1 to 30. As you can see Fluffy's Kitchen Adventure is full of fun stuff for kids.

If your next move falls on the puddle this means you have to step two extra squares forward. Since Fluff afraid peas, when they are in his way, he will return 3 squares back. Banana are dangerous obstacle, they make the cat step back 2 squares. The end of Fluffy Kitchen Adventure is when he gets out of the kitchen and get to relax on the couch.