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Fiksiki Puzzle Game ControlsUse mouse to play this game. To rotate the elements use wheel on the mouse.

Fiksiki Puzzle

Fiksiki Puzzle this entertainment will allow you to have a great time. Such a puzzle game has long established itself throughout the world. With its help, you can develop fine motor skills, mindfulness and logical thinking. There are very complex and very simple versions of this puzzles. This game has presented us with a universal puzzle that suits adults and children. All this became possible due to the flexibility of the settings. You will be really surprised by the opportunities that are presented here. Make a picture of the many available elements, images with the characters of your favorite animated series you will certainly be pleased.

Useful Fixiki puzzle game

Start the game and a puzzle will appear on your screen. In the upper left corner you can look at the picture you need to put together. Four segments will not cause anyone to difficulties to anyone, but first you need to figure out the controls. Click and hold the left mouse button on the desired piece of the picture. Now you can drag it over the playing field. Look carefully, some parts of the image are reversed. The segment selected by you will be highlighted in red, in this case you can flip it as desired, use the mouse wheel to do this. Put together the first puzzle and proceed to the next, more difficult one. Set up the complexity based on your skill level.

Fiksiki Puzzlefixiki puzzlefixiki puzzle game

Fiksiki puzzle game is suitable for players of any age. The settings panel at the top of the screen will help you determine the complexity of the puzzle. You can choose the number of parts to split the drawing into, the segments can be square or rectangular. You can cut the picture with the help of the numbers, multiply them with each other and you will learn how many parts to get.The maximum number of pieces is one hundred and forty-four. Puzzles with fixations have a different appearance, so the pieces can be shaped differently.The number of sides of the segment can be different, they can be bent or flat, in the lower right corner of the settings panel there is a button "Reload", press it when you adjust all the items and are ready to start. Turn on your logical thinking and be very careful, otherwise the lesson will be long and tedious for you. This brain training game will help you to spend your free time with pleasure.

Excellent puzzle game

The first picture you need to collect shows the boy. He plays with his favorite RC car. The second option will offer to put together the girl. The third picture about Simka, she stands with a pointer and talks about a complex chip. It will be very interesting for you to put those puzzles together. Main characters of the game Fixiki puzzles are the characters of your favorite animated series. Now you have an opportunity to spend even more time with them. Use the button "Auto Assembly" when there will be difficulties or very much want to look at the solution of one of the complex tasks. After it is pressed, the picture will begin to assemble itself, without the player's participation. Get positive emotions and good mood, try to fold the biggest puzzle, this will be a real achievement.