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Arcane Weapon ControlsGame is controlled by the mouse.

Arcane Weapon

Arcane Weapon is the game where you will control the actions of the shadow of Samurai. Main character has to fight against the deadly machines, give him instructions to win in each battle. Turn based attacks continue through the fight you have to think of the optimal attacks to defeat your enemy. It is a good idea, considering that the possibilities increase with every battle.

How to play Arcane game

The controls of the game are carried out fully with the help of the mouse, so it is quite easy to play Arcane Weapon. When you start a story mode, you will face you first opponent.

Arcane Weapon game arcane weapon play Arcane Weapon

All the common attacks are at the bottom of the screen and are arranged. Attack and save up the energy for spacial rage attacks. Each opponent will attack you in return. But you have to survive. Each successive enemy will be much stronger than the previous one. In order to keep defeating your enemies you need to constantly improve your character. Money can be found on the Arcane Weapon battlefield. You need to point mouse at anything that falls out of the enemy after your attacks, in order to pick up coins, artifacts and health points.

In the main menu in Story Mode you can improve of the characteristics, like his health and strength. You can also purchase super attacks in Arcane game, but to buy them you need to collect artifacts. Develop your character replace weak attacks with new and better ones.

Features of Arcane Weapon game

Victory will not come easy to you in Arcane Weapon game. You will have to put a lot of affords on order succeed. Boys will love this game due to the technologies and martial arts. Fantastic graphics and impressive fights will make you fall in love with this game.