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3 Pandas ControlsUse mouse to play this game

3 Pandas

Three pandas is an excellent adventure, which will make your brain to demonstrate its ingenuity. Remarkably spend your time in the company of good friends, this trio is simply inseparable. The main heroes of this story are pandas, they are in trouble and they need your help. Pirates like to throw insane parties on the islands that lie at their course. On one of them these villains met and caught our pandas. You need to be in charge of the actions of three prisoners at once, the first thing you need to do is get out of the cage, in which pirates locked their prey. Escape will be very interesting a lot of difficulties are prepared for you. A pirate ship is not the best place to dwell, so you need to quickly leave this ship.

Test your logical thinking

Abandon the ship! It is necessary to swing the cage and drop it from as high as possible. The cage will fall and break do not worry about our characters, they will remain intact. At the very bottom of the room, where the cubs will fall there is a lever that activates the lift. This device is used to lift cargo from the hold, use it to deliver heroes into the room on the level higher. There is a key in this place and it is guarded but it is not very reliable. Now you need to use the skills of a tall panda. This character is the strongest among three pandas and can withstand his friends hanging on one paw. You can not make noise, but if you lower your comrades behind the back of a sleeping pirate and get the key and then to get close to the lock you can open the exit to the ship's deck! Do all this and free yourself, the pirates will not notice anything.

3 Pandas3 Pandas gamesplay 3 Pandas

3 pandas game will teach you to solve small logical tasks and use the necessary tools for this! And now you need to open one more ability of your wards. The smallest hero often acts as a live projectile. Throw the kid on the platform with the boxes, let him drop the weighty boxes on the head of the kidnapper, who wanders around the deck. At the next level, you need to take advantage of the ability of the third and greatest hero. It can become the basis for a tower of pandas, the top of which will be a small character. Thus our heroes get what is very high. In this task you need to get to the control panel of the crane, try to hook the captain and grab the lifeboat.

Features of the 3 pandas game

Insane adventures with pirates await you in the beginning, they will introduce you to the skills of our heroes and will teach you how to cope with tasks. Then the story will unfold on the island, a lot of surprises and dangers are prepared there. Constant change of locations and a variety of tasks will keep you all excited! Prepare to think carefully, only in this way you will manage to cope with the difficulties and to play 3 Pandas. The time spent will not pass in vain, in such a company any player will have a lot of fun!